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Year 6

Local History Tour October

On Friday 13th October, Year 6 took a trip down Maldon High street as part of their Local History topic.  Our first stop was Moot Hall where we learnt all about the D’Arcy family and how the Hall has changed its use over the years. Tom was put on trial for stealing a silk handkerchief and the jury sent him to Australia for hard labour.  We were allowed to enter the council offices and also went up to the roof to see the wonderful views of Maldon.

Next, we went to All Saints church, and to learnt all about its significance to the town, we saw the Washington window, the D’Arcy chapel and found the memorial stone of Edward Bright – The Fat Man of Maldon. We felt privileged to be allowed to ring the bells in the only triangular bell tower in the country! 

A brisk walk to the Prom to eat our lunch under cover was followed by some sketching of the River Blackwater and a small experiment to see how fast the current was running – the seagulls and ducks were grateful for the dog treats!

We finished our day off by having a run around in the park and finding our way out of the Maze.

It was a very enjoyable day.





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