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Despite storm clouds looming overhead, the Year 6 rounders tournament was a display of great enthusiasm and tenacity. Our students showed remarkable team spirit, working together seamlessly and supporting each other throughout the matches. Their determination and enthusiasm were evident as they played with unwavering commitment. Each player contributed to the team’s success, making the event a memorable and inspiring example of teamwork. We are incredibly proud of their effort and sportsmanship, demonstrating that even under challenging conditions, our students can shine. Well done to all involved for a fantastic tournament!

A huge thank you to all the parents for their support and commitment, allowing the tournament to take place. 

 Mrs J. Draycott



Kwik Cricket

KS2 Kwik Cricket Tournament: An evening of Fun and Family

Our KS2 Kwik Cricket Tournament was a resounding success, bringing together students, families, and staff from surrounding schools for a fantastic day of sport and community. The sun shone brightly, providing perfect weather for the event. The enthusiasm and sportsmanship displayed by all the participating teams were truly inspiring. 

Parents and guardians cheered on from the sidelines, creating a supportive and festive atmosphere. The tournament showcased not only the students' cricket skills but also their teamwork and camaraderie.

After the thrilling matches, families enjoyed a delicious BBQ, with a bar offering refreshments for all. It was wonderful to see everyone come together, strengthening our school community bonds. A special thank you to Mr Webber, Mr Greene and Mrs Thornett who all helped make this event possible. Your support and participation were invaluable. We look forward to many more such joyful events in the future!


**Year 3 and 4 Shine in Kwik Cricket Tournament**

Our Year 3 and 4 students recently participated in a thrilling Kwik Cricket tournament, held under lovely weather conditions that added to the enjoyment of the day. The sun was shining, and spirits were high as our young cricketers took to the field.

The competition was stiff, with many talented teams from other schools. However, our students demonstrated a resilient attitude throughout the matches. Despite facing some tough opponents, they never gave up and played with determination and enthusiasm.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the day was the great teamwork displayed by our students. They supported each other, communicated effectively, and worked together to score runs and take wickets. Their collaborative effort was truly inspiring and played a significant role in their overall performance.

In the end, our Year 3 and 4 team made us all proud with their skills, sportsmanship, and unyielding spirit. Congratulations to all the players for their hard work and dedication. We look forward to more exciting matches in the future!



 KS2 Field Athletics

Key Stage 2 Field Athletics Tournament: A Day of Perfect Weather and Amazing Achievements


On a day graced with perfect weather, our Key Stage 2 students showcased their athletic prowess in the much-anticipated field athletics event.


The enthusiasm in the air was palpable as each student gave their best shot, cheered on by their parents. The long jump pit saw some impressive leaps, with students displaying remarkable technique and determination. In the high jump, the bar was set high—literally and figuratively—as students soared over it with resilience and grace, each jump drawing cheers and applause from the crowd.


The ball throw event was equally exciting, with students channelling their energy into powerful throws that soared across the field. It was inspiring to see the camaraderie and support among the children, as they celebrated each other's successes and encouraged one another to push their limits.


Our Key Stage 2 students demonstrated incredible sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and resilience throughout the day. Their hard work and dedication were evident in every jump and throw, making the event a true celebration of their athletic talents.

Congratulations to all our young athletes for their outstanding performances and for making this year's field athletics event a memorable one!


 KS2 Track Athletics

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent Key Stage 2 athletics event, held at a fantastic new venue. Children from Years 3, 4, 5, and 6 participated with remarkable determination, resilience, and energy. 

### Event Highlights 

- **Sprints**: Our young athletes showcased their speed and agility in the running sprints, leaving the spectators in awe.

- **300 Metre Distance**: The 300-metre race tested their endurance and stamina, and they rose to the challenge magnificently.

- **Mixed Relay**: The mixed relay was a highlight, demonstrating excellent teamwork and coordination among the children.


### Special Thanks 

A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Rose and the PE department at Plume High School for expertly running the event and providing such a well-organized and supportive environment. The new venue added to the excitement and provided an excellent setting for the children to shine.


### Celebrating Our Young Athletes

 Our young athletes truly are the pride of our school. Their determination, resilience, and energetic performances were inspiring. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of them for their hard work and dedication.

We look forward to more such events in the future, celebrating the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork!


 National School Sports Week


**National Schools Sports Week: A Week of Fun, Fitness, and Friendly Competition**


This year, our school celebrated National Schools Sports Week with an array of activities and competitions, all blessed with lovely weather that added to the enjoyment of the events. The whole school participated enthusiastically, with both children and staff getting involved in various sports and showing remarkable team spirit.


Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to engage in a range of sports including netball, American flag football, football, cricket, and even ice hockey. These activities were not just about competition; they were also focused on skills development, ensuring that students could improve their abilities while having fun.


One of the highlights was the interhouse competition, where students from different houses competed against each other in these sports. The friendly rivalry and the cheering from classmates created an electric atmosphere, making the competitions even more exciting. 


The netball matches showcased impressive teamwork and strategy, while American flag football introduced many to a new and exciting sport. Football, always a favorite, saw some thrilling matches, and the cricket games were filled with remarkable plays. Ice hockey, a unique addition to our sports week, was a hit with students eager to try something new and challenging.


Both children and staff enjoyed the week immensely, with staff members participating in some events and encouraging the students. The spirit of camaraderie and the joy of playing sports together made the week memorable for everyone involved.


We look forward to building on this success and continuing to promote physical activity and teamwork in our school. Thank you to all who participated and made this National Schools Sports Week an unforgettable experience! In particular, Gemma Ludwig, Zoe Basing, Mr Plush, Mrs Thornett and Ferdinand Football for giving up their time to support this worthwhile event.




Sports Day

Sports Day - 4th July 2024

Beat The Street

This week the children were introduced to a new initiative adopted by Maldon District Council Beat the Streets, to get children and their parents active.  Between 15th May and 26th June Maldon District will be transformed into a giant game - a fun and free initiative to keep families active.

Maldon District is inviting you to see how far you can walk, cycle, run, scoot and wheel in just 6 weeks. There are great challenges to enjoy and prizes up for grabs.

The game will start on Wednesday 15th May 2024 and end on Wednesday 26th June 2024. 

Head to www.beatthestreets.me to register for yourself and your family. Children will be provided with a card at school for themselves and a parent/carer, additional cards for other family members or replacements can be obtained from:

  1. Blackwater Leisure Centre
  2. Dengie Hundred Leisure Centre
  3. Maldon Library
  4. Wickham Bishop Library
  5. Southminster Library
  6. Burnham-on-Crouch Library
  7. Tillingham Medical Centre
  8. Maylandsea Medical Centre

Winning schools will get vouchers to spend on curriculum resources and there are special prizes for individual winners - so it's time to get a move on!


Mrs J. Draycott 

Cross Country

The cross country was very tiring but it was worth it. It gave you exercise and by the end of the race I was completely puffed out, it was like I had run a marathon!


I'm very happy that I got 3rd place. It was a great opportunity to compete with other schools. 




Girls Football Tournament - June 2024

 A Commendable Display at the Girls Football Tournament

 This afternoon, the St Francis girls' football team participated in a tournament, and their performance was truly wonderful. Their behaviour on and off the field was exemplary, making them an absolute credit to our school.

Although they didn't manage to score any goals, their determination and teamwork were evident throughout the tournament. It was heartening to see their relentless effort and positive attitude, which remained strong despite the outcomes of the games.

Even though they finished last in each match, their drive and skills were clear for all to see. Their commitment and spirit were truly commendable.

 It was a very lovely experience to witness our students embodying the values we cherish at St Francis. Well done to all the participants – you have made us very proud!

Boys Football Tournament - March 2024


Well done to our Year 5 & 6 boys who took part in a Maldon Schools Sports Partnership football tournament held at Beacon Hill Rovers on Monday 25th March. They displayed great skills and sportsmanship and despite their amazing individual efforts and teamwork came 5th and 6th respectively in the tournament.


A big thank you to Mr Rose and Mr Draycott for supporting me with team management and all the parents who turned up to provide moral support and encouragement to the children.

 Mrs J Draycott 


Girls Football Tournament - March 2024

A huge well done to our girls who competed in their very first league tournament, facing Great Totham and Tollesbury in their first two matches.  These opponents offered some very stiff competition, but the girls went from strength to strength each time they returned to the pitch.

They had a fantastic time and were filled with enthusiasm throughout, displaying excellent qualities of a sports person – resilience, leadership, communication, teamwork, not to mention skills development within each minute of their game.

 I was incredibly proud of them all, despite the extremely cold weather they stepped up, they gave it their all and they enjoyed every minute of it!

 A big thank you to the parents for their help at the tournament and their support and encouragement towards myself and the children allowing this tournament to take place.

 Mrs J.Draycott




Girls Football League Taster, Beacon Hill - November 2023

Thank you to the staff and coaches at Beacon Hill Rovers FC who hosted our children in a tournament taster, children were able to take part in skill development activities and some friendly competition against the other schools in attendance.  The children had a great time and took every opportunity to learn and develop their football skills and behaved impeccably.


Ten Pin Bowling

Panathlon Ten Pin Bowling Finals - February 2024

 “A huge well done to Dylan, Holly C, Elijah M, Harrysson, Finley and Allen, who after coming second in our regional finals, made it to the Essex Panathlon Finals event at Hollywood Bowl, Basildon on Thursday 1st February. 

The children were very excited to be finalists and even more elated when they finished first overall, with Harrysson being the highest scorer over the whole competition. 

It was a wonderful day for the children to demonstrate their skills, resilience, teamwork, and overall enthusiasm. 

We were especially proud of Dylan and Holly C, Year 6, who demonstrated excellent compassion and support towards their younger teammates.”


Panathlon Ten Pin Bowling Event, Madison Heights, Maldon - October 2023

A huge thank you to the charity for organising this event for our selected children.  They had a great time developing their skills, learning to support each other as a team and facing challenges to develop their resilience.  The children were excellent representative for the school conducting themselves with exceptional behaviour.




Tag Rugby Tournament - 19th April 2024 


A huge well done to the children from KS2 who represented the school in our recent Tag Rugby Tournament held at Maldon Rugby Club, Heybridge.  The two teams playing in categories, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 competed well against the 15 other teams taking part.  Our Year 3/4 team won their tournament and Year 5/6 came 10th out of 15.  The children represented the school impeccably, with their determination, resilience and teamwork.

Thank you to all the parents who came along to support the teachers and children and especially Mr Greene and Mr Webber for coaching the teams throughout the tournament.

As ever, these events are only possible with the parent help and support which is always gratefully received.


Mrs J.Draycott



Tag Rugby Tournament - January 2024

Well done to our Year 5/6 boys and girls who braved the cold and wind to take part in the Colchester Blackwater School Sports Partnership Tag Rugby Tournament on Wednesday 24th January. The team faced their competition with great enthusiasm, vigour and tenacity and maintained their focus despite stiff competition. We are incredibly proud of the children, how well they behaved both on and off the pitch - a credit to our school. 



 Tag Rugby Tournament - October 2023

On Thursday 12th October children from Years 3 and 4 attended an after school Tag Rugby tournament being hosted by Great Totham Primary School at Maldon Rugby Club. 

The children participated with great enthusiasm and resilience against some very stiff competition.  They showed excellent teamwork going from strength to strength with every game they played.  We were able to enter two teams coming first and runners up respectively.  It was a tense final against Maldon Court Primary School but our A Team managed to secure a win.

A huge well done to Joseph, Evan, Christian, Euan, Fraser, Seth, Joshua, Jessica, Amelie and Sienna in Year 3 and Wren, Luke, Hollie, Ethan, Joshua, Dylan and Freddie in Year 4.

Thank you to all the parents, especially those who helped out with the management of the teams  – without your continued cooperation these events would not be possible.

Mrs J. Draycott

PE Leader



Saracens - September 2023

Some of our pupils have been enjoying their rugby at the beginning of the season. A trip to Saracens in September and a recent festival at Upminster.





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