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Fun Run - Years 1 & 2 - May 2024


Year 1 and 2 Fun Run: From Rain to Radiance!


What a day it was for our Year 1 and 2 students at the Colchester Blackwater School Sports Partnership fun run! The event began under a blanket of heavy rain, but our young athletes didn't let the weather dampen their spirits. Sporting big smiles and a resilient attitude, they eagerly lined up at the starting point, ready to dash to the finish.  As luck would have it the clouds gave way to brilliant sunshine which only increased the children determination to finish the run.


Parents gathered along the sidelines, providing enthusiastic support and encouragement. The change in weather seemed to mirror the vibrant energy and positivity of our young runners. By the time they crossed the finish line, the sun was shining brightly, marking a perfect end to a memorable event.


Congratulations to all our participants for their fantastic effort and sportsmanship! The Year 1 and 2 fun run is a testament to the resilience and spirit of our school community. Here's to many more sunny and successful events in the future!



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