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Class Activities

Here you can see Work of the Week and various activities that the children have taken part in.

Reception Class Activities

Happy Chinese New Year!

The children in Reception Class have been celebrating the Lunar New Year which falls on Saturday February 10th 2024. This year will be ‘The Year of the Dragon’.

They have created their own dragoon masks and then joined in with an amazing dance!

The children have explored authentic Chinese artefacts and had lots of fun dressing up. They have also been embracing Chinese New Year by tasting authentic Chinese food and have had a dragon parade with their own friendly dragons!



Chinese New Year 2024


Reception Class also celebrated Valentine’s Day with a series of parent craft workshops!


Valentines Day Parent Workshop


Year 1 Class Activities

Year 1 have been learning about the four seasons - autumn, winter, spring and summer. We have created a beautiful piece of art reflecting the different colours we think of for each season. We used water colour pencils and pastels to create our masterpieces!


Year 1 have created their own mysterious underwater world maps to help Dougal the Deep-sea diver find his way to the treasure!


Year 2 Class Activities

In our Geography lessons, we have started learning about Kenya. We have enjoyed    researching some interesting facts about this amazing country including’ its              population, capital city, distance from the UK, longest river and tallest mountain. We have even been learning some words in Swahili!

The children have created detailed fact files about Kenya. They have also worked hard to develop their map skills to locate and label key places and features of Kenya on a map.

We hope you enjoy reading our fact files!


Year 3 Class Activities

In our Design and Technology lessons we have been designing, making and evaluating kites. We learnt what the different parts of a kite are and how a kite is able to fly. We then used this information to help us design our own kites. We made and decorated our own kites based on our designs. We then evaluated our kites against the design criteria and tested that they could fly with lots of fun on the playground. 


Year Three have turned their classroom into an Ancient Egyptian Museum. We presented all of our wonderful work from last half term. Thank you to everyone to came to visit our museum!



Year 4 Class Activities 

Still Life - Year Four have worked with pencil to create these still life drawings. We used the artist Paul Cézanne as our inspiration.

 These children have used their excellent skills of observation and have experimented with shading techniques. Well done to Ava, Jude, Kennedy and Owen!


Year 5 Class Activities


In Year Five, the children, as part of their RE work, were considering what is meant by our mission. Some people are very committed to helping others. We designed a poster aimed at finding the right person to work in a hospice, focusing on the skills and attributes needed.  The poster contained some information about the hospice and series of rhetorical questions; the children also found some relevant scripture from the Bible.



Year 6 Class Activities

Year 6 have been working on a range of figurative language using the polar bear as inspiration. We have had some exciting phrasing that create amazing images in our minds. Here are some to share.



  Year 6 enjoying 'Buddy Bootcamp'



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